Rogue MODS:


I use many MODS when playing World of Warcraft as some MODS are too good not to use. Rogue MODS may not effect your rogue builds any but they certainly effect how you play and enjoy the game. The MODS you use are all preferential but can make a lot of fights easier.


MODS I use and Recomend:


Bagnon - A inventory bag mod.


ArkInventory - A good bank inventory display mod.


Deadly Boss Mods - A good encounter mod that warns you when different things are happening in fights.


NugComboBar - Customizable combo point tracker.


Bandits Guile Helper - Allows rogues to view the status of Bandit's Guile.


Recount - A good dps meter.

Bartender - A good action bar mod.


AtlasLoot - This mod allows you to view the items that drop off of bosses. You can look up dungeons or sets of armor and it will display the bosses and what drops off of them. Blizzard now incorperates this into a mod they have.